Tozen Daigaku: How bosses screw with your work hours! 東ゼン大学:会社による労働時間制度変更時の注意点!

Attorney Kinoshita Tetsuro talks us through various changes to the work hour system.

Overview of the working time system(日本語)

東ゼン大学 – 契約形態でやられちゃった。Tozen Daigaku – Work contracts, and how companies screw you.

Tozen’s Louis Carlet delves into different types of Labour contracts, and discusses their pros and cons.

講師: ルイス・カーレットとオレン・フランクハム
Presented by Louis Carlet and Orren Frankham

東ゼン大学ー職場の組織化 – Tozen Daigaku – How to organise your workplace.

Louis Carlet, Tony Dolan, and Orren Frankham present a Tozen Daigaku on how to safely organise your coworkers, what to be careful of, how to build up a union, and their own experiences in building unions.

Japanese Labour Union Act
Japanese Labour Relations Adjustment Act
Japanese Labour Standards Act

五輪中止オンライン抗議アクション Anti-Olympics Live Stream Candlelit Protest

On Friday 30th July 2021, members of Tozen held a candle-lit online protest calling for the cancellation of the Tokyo Olympics.


東ゼン大学 Tozen Daigaku

東ゼン大学のお知らせ  2020年2月から毎月、日本の労働法についての講義を東ゼン大学の事務所で行います。 英語と日本語での講義で、最後に質問コーナーも行います。 定員が30名となっておりますので、お早めの予約をお願いいたします。出席できない方は、Youtube上でライブ配信も行いますので、ぜひチェックしてください (。 詳細は以下のリンク、またはチラシをご覧ください。

We will have Tozen Daigaku on Japanese Labour Law at the Tozen Union office every month from February. The lectures will be in Japanese and English. At the end of the lectures we will hold a Q & A session. Attendance is limited to a maximum of 30 people, so please reserve in advance. If you can’t attend, we will also live stream the events on Youtube ( Please check the link below to reserve your place for the first Tozen Daigaku.

We are also starting FREE Japanese lessons with a focus on Labour Law language every Sunday at 10:00am from 16/02/2020 at the Tozen Union Office.