Gegen (ゲー言)

Gegen (ゲー言) is Tozen’s local for translators, interpreters and localizers in the video games industry and beyond. As a caucus local, it is open to all workers in the represented industries, regardless of employer.

Founded in 2019 by workers at Bandai Namco, Square Enix, and Keywords, Gegen both represents its members at collective negotiations and campaigns for improved conditions industry-wide.

In 2021, Gegen won a substantial financial settlement from Bandai Namco in the case of one of its members who had been unfairly pressured to resign from their position. We are currently preparing a new raft of demands related to another of our represented workplaces.

Gegen is also currently seeking responses to its survey into the pay and working conditions of people employed in the video game and language industries. If this is you, please fill in the survey here.

To find out more or get involved please email