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ストの目的の要求事項 Strike Demands
1 会社は、2020年11月25日の書記長ジョゼフ・プラマーに対する解雇通知を撤回すること。Company retract the November 25, 2020 non-renewal notice of Union Member Joseph Plommer.

2 会社は、希望する組合員または従業員に対して、労働時間に問わず、社会保険に加入させること。Company enroll union members or employees who wish in shakai hoken regardless of work hours.

3 会社は、COVID-19の感染が確認された従業員に対して、自己隔離ができるよう、年次有給休暇日数を減らすことなく、2週間の有給休暇を認めること。

Company grant any employee diagnosed with COVID-19 two weeks paid leave to self-isolate, in addition to regularly allotted paid leave.

4 会社は、経営者3名を任命し、組合側で選出した3名の組合員、従業員過半数代表3名を集め、臨時対策作業部会(WG)を発足し、従業員がCOVID-19に感染したり、現パンデミックが悪化したりした場合、会社の対応について協議し決定する権限を、同WGに委任すること。Company choose three management representatives to join with three union members chosen by the union/local and three majority employee reps to form an ad-hoc working group to decide company policy in the event a staff member becomes infected with COVID-19 or the current pandemic situation worsens.

5 会社は、労働条件を悪化することなく、全従業員(または全組合員)に対して期間の定めのない雇用を認めること。Company recognize open-ended employment for all employees or union members without degrading working conditions.

6 会社は、全講師に対して月額賃金を3%昇給すること。Company grant 3% pay increase to all teachers.

7 会社は、第6項の他に、常勤講師である全組合員(または全従業員)に対して、毎年、月額1万円の昇給という年功序列制度を導入すること。In addition to demand #6, company increase pay of all full-time union members or employees by 10,000 yen/month every year.

8 会社は、Shane Teachers Newsletterのなかの1頁を、組合の宣言等に使わせること。なお、その内容は組合の執行委員会が提供すること。Company devote a full page of the bimonthly Shane Teachers Newsletter to union news (union executives will provide the material.)

9 会社は、組合員の人事異動、懲戒処分、解雇(「再契約拒絶」など、本人の意思に反するあらゆる契約終了を含む)を行う場合、事前に組合に通知し、協議の上、同意を得て実施すること。Company agree to consult with and obtain the consent of union before any changes to working conditions of union members or any changes that may affect working conditions of union members.

10 会社は、非常勤講師である組合員(または従業員)の基本給にボーナスペイを組み込ませること。Company merge base pay and bonus pay for part-time union (or other) teachers.

11 会社は、第10項の他、非常勤講師に対して、毎年、夕方シフトに当たる時給を100円昇給する。又、常勤シフトに当たる日給を毎年、1000円昇給すること。In addition to demand #10, company increase basic hourly pay for part-time teachers by 100 yen every year for evening shifts and increase daily pay by 1,000 yen for full day shifts every year.

12 会社は、組合員が年に20日間の有給休暇を自由に取得できることを認めること。Company recognize the right of all members to take all 20 annual paid leave days freely.

Shane Eikaiwa Issues

  • Do you want open-ended employment and job security without the threat of non-renewal every year?
  • Do you think time spent in school should be considered work time, not just time spent in lessons?
  • Are you aware we should be enrolled in Shakai Hoken from October 2016?2016年10月から社会保険に加入されるべきだと知っていましたか?
  • Are you concerned that management will try to degrade your working conditions in order to offset the business cost of Shakai Hoken?
  • Do you want contract changes to be made with proper consultation with a duly elected worker representative?
  • If a union represents 75% of the workforce, then it effectively represents all employees according to the Trade Union Act. 
  • Any majority union must be recognized as the majority employee representative, according to the Labor Standards Act.
  • Do you want effective worker representation with real power? Are you concerned that the current system of teacher representatives is ineffective.
  • Would you like to participate in collective bargaining and deal directly with Japanese management?

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