May 27, 2022, Interac Protest

In May 2021, Tozen Union entered into a labor dispute with Interac.  Interac has failed to make progress on workplace safety and improved wages.  They refuse to provide our union with basic financial information justifying their refusals.  They then retaliated against Tozen by firing our member last month.

Our campaign to improve working conditions at Interac is important not just for ALTs , but for students and Japan’s education system.  In addition, this has now become a campaign to defend our right to strike at Interac.

We are here to stay. Our Interac members will not give up the fight.

Le président du syndicat Tozen UPL poursuit le Lycée Français de Tokyo… une nouvelle fois


Le président du syndicat Tozen UPL poursuit le Lycée Français de Tokyo… une nouvelle fois

Le lundi 9 mai 2022, le président du Tozen-UPL a déposé pour la deuxième fois une plainte pour salaires impayés contre le Lycée Français de Tokyo et ce, ainsi qu’une demande de dommages et intérêts pour traitement discriminatoire.

Pour ceux qui ont suivi l’affaire, le tribunal du travail a statué en faveur de M. Alam en octobre dernier, et dans le même temps, a informé la direction qu’elle devait adhérer à la loi japonaise.

On aurait pu penser que les choses se seraient arrêtées là. Malheureusement non. La proviseurse, Mme Anne-Laure Campels, a doublé la mise en choisissant d’ignorer la loi et en continuant à refuser de payer le travail effectué en dehors des heures de travail contractuelles.

La première audience est fixée au jeudi 23 juin 2022 à 10h00.

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東ゼン大学 – 契約形態でやられちゃった。Tozen Daigaku – Work contracts, and how companies screw you.

Tozen’s Louis Carlet delves into different types of Labour contracts, and discusses their pros and cons.

講師: ルイス・カーレットとオレン・フランクハム
Presented by Louis Carlet and Orren Frankham

Apple Japan組合の2022年要求




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Bread & Roses: Do sex workers really have a choice?

On March 30, 2022, NHK Web News ran a story on how women driven to financial hardship due to the corona pandemic are increasingly turning to sex work.  (  

The report notes that sex workers’ “growing presence in busy urban neighborhoods has spurred police to take enforcement action but also to assign case officers to provide support and to accompany the arrested women to life consultant centers run by local governments.” The cops have begun to provide support for the women’s futures from a social welfare perspective, rather than just cracking down.

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Tozen Union, Tozen UPL sue Lycee International Francais de Tokyo for refusal to negotiate 東ゼン労組UPL支部は、リセに対して団交拒否の救済申し立て Le Tozen et UPL-Tozen porte plainte contre le refus de negocier du Lycée Français International de Tokyo


On Monday 18 April 2022, Tozen Union and its local chapter Tozen UPL filed an unfair labour practice case against Lycée Francais International de Tokyo at the Labour commission in Shinjuku, Tokyo, for refusal to negotiate as required by law. 


Le lundi 18 avril 2022, le syndicat Tozen, et sa branche UPL-Tozen ont déposé une plainte pour pratique déloyale de travail contre le Lycée Français International de Tokyo auprès de la commission du travail à Shinjuku, Tokyo. La raison.

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Bread & Roses: Tragedy and Prison for a Pregnant Foreign Intern

In August 2018 at the age of 19, Le Thi Thuy Linh arrived in Japan to work as a jisshusei intern. Each day, she handled agricultural wastewater at a tangerine orchard in Kumamoto Prefecture. Japan’s rapidly ageing population has created a dearth of agricultural workers, forcing farmers to turn to young foreign interns like Linh to maintain their farms.

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東ゼン大学 – 産休とマタハラ Tozen Daigaku: Maternity Leave and Harassment


Attorney Kato Keiko and Tozen President Hifumi Okunuki teach us about the law and legal cases around maternity leave, and maternity and paternity harassment.