The Three Pillars of Tozen

The Three Pillars of Tozen Union:

Democracy – Transparency – Strikes


Tozen is the most democratic union in the world.  The members decide union demands. The members decide strategy.  The members decide dues, union policy, and the union budget. The members elect all union officials.  Anywhere an important decision is made, Tozen members have the final say.


There are no secrets in Tozen Union.  All members receive a copy of the union constitution, a list of executives with contact information, a list of local chapters, and the yearly budget.   Tozen members can access all union records on demand without question including, union finances and meeting minutes. Tozen members can attend all Tozen meetings, including quarterly general and executive meetings.


Tozen Union is currently conducting strikes at multiple workplaces. Of course we strive to build good labor relations, but management does not always cooperate. Tozen is not afraid to fight.  Workers in Japan regardless of nationality have a constitutional right to strike, even if you are a so-called gyomu-itaku independent contractor. We strike at far more workplaces than any other union in Japan.