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奥貫 妃文

Hello. I am Hifumi Okunuki, executive president of Tozen Union. I am delighted you are interested in our union.

What is the raison d’être of a labor union in this day and age?
Government and management joining forces to drive down the cost of labor using any means necessary.

Under the banner of “globalism,” they create a hierarchy among workers, granting super high wages to a select few supposedly outstanding workers while devastating the working conditions and breaking the back of job security for all the rest. Management floats above their employees, forcing them to engage in ugly and counterproductive competition with each other just to survive.

What can workers do to oppose this? There is only one answer: shun all forms of competition and stand shoulder to shoulder in solidarity with workers of all stripes in all workplaces. Being in a labor union means you do what you can to improve working conditions for the worker working right next to you rather than for your own sake. Some may wonder why they must fight for others, but when the union functions properly your work environment will improve as well.

Tozen Union is run by a thoroughly democratic process, with our individual members deciding all policy. Tozen members hail from over 20 countries with different languages and customs. We have spats and quarrels, yet we always talk it out based on mutual respect. If you have serious trouble or problems within the union please don’t hesitate to contact the Constitutional Commission.

Tozen Union needs your strength. I urge you to do everything you can to expand the rights of workers in Tozen Union.

Hifumi Okunuki
Executive President
Zenkoku Ippan Tokyo General Union (Tozen Union)


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