Le responsable financier et enseignant de longue date du Tozen UPL poursuit le Lycée Français International de Tokyo devant le tribunal du district de Tokyo.

Monsieur Steven Ritchie, enseignant de longue date et responsable financier au Tozen UPL, poursuit le Lycée Français International de Tokyo devant le tribunal du district de Tokyo, pour la déduction illégale d’un jour de salaire et le refus de payer des heures supplémentaires.

Monsieur Ritchie a rempli un formulaire scolaire pour prendre son premier jour de congé personnel en 13 ans afin d’assister à la journée sportive de son enfant, cependant, Monsieur Gilles Sansebastien, ancien directeur de l’école primaire et supérieur immédiat de Monsieur Ritchie, a informé ce dernier que la “journée sportive de son fils” n’était pas une raison acceptable pour un congé payé l’obligeant a prendre un jour de congé non payé à la place.

Monsieur Ritchie a informé Monsieur Sansebastien, le directeur des finances et le proviseur de l’établissement que l’article de loi sur les normes du travail qui lui donnait le droit de prendre un jour de congé payé mais en vain.

Il ne s’agit pas d’un combat pour un seul employé mais pour tous les travailleurs du Lycée Français International de Tokyo. La direction doit suivre les lois du Japon et respecter les droits de ses employés.

Tozen UPL Finance officer and long serving teacher sues Tokyo French international school in Tokyo District court

Mr. Steven Ritchie, a long serving teacher and Finance officer in Tozen UPL is suing Lycee Francais International de Tokyo in Tokyo District Court, for the illegal deduction of a day’s pay and refusal to pay overtime.

Steven completed a school form to take his first personal day in 13 years to attend his child’s sports day.  Mr. Gilles Sansebastien, former director of the Primary school and Mr. Ritchie’s immediate supervisor, informed him that his ‘son’s Sport Day’ was not an acceptable reason for a paid holiday but he would let him take an unpaid day instead.

Mr. Ritchie informed Mr. Gilles Sansebastien, the Director of Finance, and the Headmaster of the school, of the exact article in the Labor Standards Act that gave him the right to take a paid holiday.  Regardless of this, management denied him the universal right in Japan, of taking a paid holiday.

This is not a fight for a single employee but for all the workers at Lycee Francais International de Tokyo. Management needs to follow the laws of Japan and respect the rights of its workers.

Tozen Daigaku: How bosses screw with your work hours! 東ゼン大学:会社による労働時間制度変更時の注意点!

Attorney Kinoshita Tetsuro talks us through various changes to the work hour system.

Overview of the working time system(日本語)

Tozen organiser interviewed by scientific journal, Nature

In the article ‘I feel disposable’: Thousands of scientists’ jobs at risk in Japan, about universities terminating workers on fixed-term contracts, Tozen organiser Louis Carlet was interviewed and gave an explanation on how universities have responded to the 5/10-year rule.

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東ゼン大学 – 契約形態でやられちゃった。Tozen Daigaku – Work contracts, and how companies screw you.

Tozen’s Louis Carlet delves into different types of Labour contracts, and discusses their pros and cons.

講師: ルイス・カーレットとオレン・フランクハム
Presented by Louis Carlet and Orren Frankham

Tozen Union, Tozen UPL sue Lycee International Francais de Tokyo for refusal to negotiate 東ゼン労組UPL支部は、リセに対して団交拒否の救済申し立て Le Tozen et UPL-Tozen porte plainte contre le refus de negocier du Lycée Français International de Tokyo


On Monday 18 April 2022, Tozen Union and its local chapter Tozen UPL filed an unfair labour practice case against Lycée Francais International de Tokyo at the Labour commission in Shinjuku, Tokyo, for refusal to negotiate as required by law. 


Le lundi 18 avril 2022, le syndicat Tozen, et sa branche UPL-Tozen ont déposé une plainte pour pratique déloyale de travail contre le Lycée Français International de Tokyo auprès de la commission du travail à Shinjuku, Tokyo. La raison.

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東ゼン大学 – 産休とマタハラ Tozen Daigaku: Maternity Leave and Harassment


Attorney Kato Keiko and Tozen President Hifumi Okunuki teach us about the law and legal cases around maternity leave, and maternity and paternity harassment.

東ゼン大学 – 有給休暇 Tozen Daigaku – Paid Leave

Tozen Organisers Louis Carlet and Orren Frankham discuss the paid leave system in Japanese workplaces.

東ゼン大学:財務諸表の読み方 Tozen Daigaku: Reading corporate earnings reports


会社は、組合に対して、組合の要求に応じられない理由として経営が大変などを主張します。しかし、組合側は、提示されている財務のデータが本当に分かっているのでしょうか。ここで、財務諸表の読み方についての東ゼン大学のレクチャーの登板です。講師らは財務諸表を楽しみながら読む方法について話し合います。 講師は東ゼン労組の財政部長ルイス・カーレットと専従オルグのジェローム・ロスマンです。


Know your enemy

This is an important topic as companies often try to make claims about their earnings as to why they can’t agree to union demands. Find out what the numbers really mean here. Tune in as our presenters try to make finances fun (or as fun as they can be).

Presented by Louis Carlet, and Gerome Rothman.

***Disclaimer: Neither Louis Carlet or Gerome Rothman are accountants.***


東ゼン大学ー職場の組織化 – Tozen Daigaku – How to organise your workplace.

Louis Carlet, Tony Dolan, and Orren Frankham present a Tozen Daigaku on how to safely organise your coworkers, what to be careful of, how to build up a union, and their own experiences in building unions.

Japanese Labour Union Act
Japanese Labour Relations Adjustment Act
Japanese Labour Standards Act