Bread & Roses: Workers of the World! Unite and Stay Home!

SNA (Tokyo) — May Day came into this world on May 1, 1886, with a general strike to win “eight hours for work, eight hours for rest, and eight hours for what you will.” Three days later, workers gathered in Haymarket Square, Chicago, and clashed with cops sent in to shut them down. At least four civilians and seven officers died. Four workers were later sentenced to death for conspiracy to riot, despite not a shred of evidence. May Day spread beyond the borders of the United States to Europe and elsewhere. Today, we see the eight-hour workday as a social norm, albeit observed more in the breech. But workers shed blood and tears to bequeath this right to us. We should devote one day a year to recognizing those heroes’ achievement and sacrifice.

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Bread & Roses: Worker Rights in the Age of Coronavirus

SNA (Tokyo) — Last Friday, the Covid-19 global pandemic passed the horrifying milestone of one million infections and 50,000 fatalities worldwide. There have, as of this writing, been 4,592 confirmed cases and 106 deaths in Japan. Graphs of new cases and deaths trace the left half of steep parabolas as the world’s nations fail to flatten the curve. The global catastrophe and its grim toll traps workers between the closing jaws of infection risk and dire economic straits. As US commentator Krystal Ball noted, “the working class has been shoved into the front lines of this crisis.”

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Bread & Roses: Warm Meals to Tackle Poverty in Japan

SNA (Tokyo) — When did poverty become normal? Conventional wisdom had it that poverty didn’t exist in Japan; that the miracle recovery during the country’s rapid growth period had given birth to a middle class of 100 million people.

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Bread and Roses: How Nakasone Crushed Japan’s Labor Movement

SNA (Tokyo) — Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone died this past November 29. During his tenure as prime minister from 1982 to 1987, he had deepened Japan’s subordination to the US hegemon through his Ron-Yasu Bromance with President Ronald Reagan. But to one middle and high schooler in the 1980s, he seemed to be the first prime minister to hold his own in friendly talks with the United States, almost as an equal.

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本日、9月3日は「くみあい」(=組合)の日Today is Labor Union Day!

みなさん、知っていますか。今日9月3日は、「くみ(9・3)あい」の日です。Today is Labor Union Day! Did you know that?

労働組合は、団結がすべてです。そして、団結の根っこには「愛」がなければいけません。Solidarity is everything for a union. There must be love at the root of solidarity.

どんな職種でも、どんな立場でも、どんな人種や国籍でも、労働者は、手を携えて、仲間のために団結しなければいけません。Regardless of industry, job type, race or nationality, each worker must have solidarity with coworkers. 

「万国の労働者よ、団結しようぴょん!」と東ゼン労組の団結うさぎも言っています。Tozen Solidarity Bunny says, “Workers of the world, unite!”  


Apple Einzelhandels-Beschäftigte in Japan organisieren sich gewerkschaftlich

Heute erklärten Apple Retail-Beschäftigte die Gründung einer neuen Gewerkschaft gegenüber Apple Management. Der offizielle Name der Gewerkschaft ist “Zenkoku Ippan Tokyo General Union Apple Japan Local”. Die Gewerkschaft hat schon erste Forderungen gestellt und wird in naher Zukunft in Kollektivverhandlungen mit der Firma treten.

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Unione Lavoratori Apple in Giappone

Oggi i lavoratori del Retail di Apple Japan hanno annunciato la formazione dell’unione alla dirigenza aziendale. Il nome ufficiale dell’unione è Zenkoku Ippan Tokyo General Union Apple Japan Local. L’unione ha formulato delle richieste e avrà trattative collettive con l’azienda nel prossimo futuro.

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Sindicalização dos Trabalhadores nas Lojas da Apple no Japão

Hoje, os trabalhadores nas lojas da Apple no Japão anunciaram à Gerência a formação de um sindicato. O nome oficial do sindicato é Zenkoku Ippan Tokyo Sindicato Geral Local Apple Japão. O sindicato apresentou várias exigências, incluindo bônus, e terá num futuro próximo negociações coletivas com a empresa.

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