Victory: Union Wins Labor Management Ending Labour Dispute With Gaba

Tozen and the Gaba Workers Union are proud to announce that the union and management concluded a Labour Management Agreement with Gaba Corporation on Thursday, July 24, bringing our labor dispute to a satisfactory resolution.

At the signing, Gaba Workers Union President Tyler Christensen said the dispute had been an “emotional roller coaster,” but the agreement represented a significant success for the union and a step forward in our relations with management.

Echoing his comments, all of the union members present expressed pride in resolving the dispute as well as in the Tozen solidarity that made this agreement possible. We also restated our goals: to build good labour-management relations and make Gaba a better place for everyone to work. Management said that they share these objectives.

While successfully resolving the dispute represents an important victory for all of the workers at Gaba, there’s still a great deal of work ahead. In the coming months, union members will continue to bargain over their 2014 yearly Shunto demands. In order to build on our success, we need your help. To learn about how you can join the Gaba Workers Union, e-mail: