Zenkoku Ippan Tokyo General Union Sues Max Ali For Unfair Labor Practices

Today at the Tokyo Labor Commission, Zenkoku Ippan Tokyo General Union sued Max Ali (AKA Muhammed Ali Muhammed Mustafa, Japan Advanced Labor Agency, et alii) for Unfair Labor Practices under the Labor Union Act (Act No. 174 of June 1, 1949) for repeatedly refusing collective bargaining with the union and for failing to pay wages to a union member.

(Unfair Labor Practices)

Article 7. The employer shall not commit the acts listed in any of the following items:

(i) to discharge or otherwise treat in a disadvantageous manner a worker by reason of such worker’s being a member of a labor union, having tried to join or organize a labor union, or having performed justifiable acts of a labor union; or to make it a condition of employment that the worker shall not join or shall withdraw from a labor union. However, where a labor union
represents a majority of workers employed at a particular factory or workplace, this shall not preclude an employer from concluding a collective agreement which requires, as a condition of employment, that the workers shall be members of such labor union;

(ii) to refuse to bargain collectively with the representatives of the workers employed by the employer without justifiable reasons;

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Are you an ALT working for Max Ali (AKA Muhammed Ali Muhammed Mustafa), Japan Advanced Labor Agency, or Japan Advanced Labor Staff Services (AKA JALSS)? Only if you are are a member of a trade union do you have the legal right to collectively bargain with your employer to improve your working conditions. Join Tozen ALTs today!