How to join Tozen Union in Ten Steps (or less)

STEP ONE: Get your co-workers to join too, going through each of the following steps.

STEP TWO: You can join electronically or by old-fashioned paper documents.

A) Electronically:  To join online click here. With this method you will pay dues via credit card every month. After filling out the online forms, you can skip to STEP SIX on this list.
B) Paper Documents: Send our Field Director an email ( saying you want to join, with your full home address including the postal code.  If possible, please write the address in Japanese. Go to STEP THREE.

STEP THREE: The field team will send a membership application kit to your home.

STEP FOUR: Follow the instructions in the kit thoroughly. It’s a pain in the neck, but once everything is set up, it’s easy peasy.

STEP FIVE: Dues payments
The Tozen Constitution prohibits paying dues in cash under any circumstances.  Ask us why.
We have two methods of paying dues: Stripe/Credit Card or Bank Transfer.

If you would prefer paying monthly by credit card, then apply online by clicking here.
If you would prefer to have the dues deducted from your bank account each month, follow the steps below.

Staying up to date on dues is 100% the responsibility of the member and is a key part of solidarity. If you are unemployed and having great financial difficulty, apply to the CFO ( for financial aid. This is approved/denied by Tozen’s executive committee.

The instructions tell you to go to your bank – the bank where your salary is deposited each month. Do that. Go there, show the teller the blue letter in your membership application kit, and get them to help you fill out the bank form. This is the hardest and trickiest part of the process since banks will reject the form even if there is a slight mistake. Banks are particularly particular when it comes to foreign citizens. This is why we have applicants actually go to the bank and get help. You’ll need the hanko you used to open the account, or signature if that is how you opened it. Note:  If you use a postal bank account, see below.*

The bank should stamp the second page and give you that and the third page.  The bank keeps the first page. You keep the third page and one of the dues contracts for your records. Put the stamped second page, your green application form, and one dues contract in the Tozen-addressed envelope, and send it to us. Try to do the above by the tenth of any given month. Contact Gerome (see above) if you have any problems.

STEP SIX: Make sure you have enough money in your account to cover dues on the 27th of each month.  If you don’t, Tozen must pay a penalty and you will fall in arrears.  You don’t want to fall into arrears.

STEP SEVEN: The first Tozen executive committee meeting after your first dues deduction will approve/deny your membership. As of 2019 we have only rejected two applications.

STEP EIGHT: If denied, your dues will be returned.  If accepted(woohoo!), you will be placed in the correct chapter of Tozen, then dues of 2,300 yen (plus any chapter dues) will be deducted each month on the 27th. It will show up in your bank account as D.F. カップ 代金.

STEP NINE: Work with coworkers on goals and strategies at face-to-face meetings and attend Tozen’s four quarterly general meetings too.

STEP TEN: Welcome to our growing multinational, union democracy movement. Together let’s fight to bring democracy to the workplace while improving working conditions. Now the fun begins!

*The teller at the post office may not help you with filling out the form.  If you have a problem, contact Joe (see above for contact details).  He will walk you through it.  When you finish, send pages 1 AND 2 of the bank form to us.  Your dues will come out a month later than usual bank accounts.