Tozen Gaba Local Wins Labor Management Agreements with Gaba

This summer the Tozen Gaba Local took three steps forward in our campaign to improve working conditions at Gaba. 

We signed an agreement to raise wages.

We signed an agreement guaranteeing the right of instructors to change their home LS at any time without interference or discrimination from the company.

We signed an agreement to receive a twice yearly financial transparency document detailing revenue, profit, and number of clients for the company.

There’s More Work to Do 

Gaba instructors are making progress, but we have a great deal more to win.  The majority of our 2013 yearly demands remain unresolved.  Gaba management says that they share our goal of improving working conditions for Gaba instructors.  We can hold them to that commitment and win improvements such as job security, fair compensation for R-Slots, and a reasonable sick leave policy.  We need your help.  Join our union. 

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