Tozen ALTs Sue For Unpaid Wages

Yesterday, seven Zenkoku Ippan Tokyo General Union ALT branch members sued Japan Advanced Labor Agency head (and JALSS Representative Director) Muhammed Ali Muhammed Mustafa (AKA Max Ali) at Tokyo District Court for a combined amount of 1,943,760 yen in unpaid wages and transportation expenses contractually owed the members while they worked for Muhammed Ali Muhammed Mustafa at the Funabashi City and Saitama City Boards of Education. Union lawyer Ken Yoshida asks the court for a provisional injunction and includes a claim for interest also to be paid at a rate of 6% yearly on top the unpaid wages.

This lawsuit is in addition to the breach of contract suit already in progress at Tokyo District Court with Muhammed Ali Muhammed Mustafa with a claim approaching 3,000,000 yen from another Zenkoku Ippan Tokyo General Union Tozen ALT member. The member previously won a favorable judgement for this claim against Mr. Mustafa at the Rodo Shimpan Labor Tribunal.

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