Toyota labor unions to demand minimum ¥6,000 pay hike

NAGOYA – The federation of labor unions at Toyota Motor Corp. said Friday it plans to make a unified demand for a pay-scale hike of at least ¥6,000 per month during the spring wage talks this year.It will be the Federation of All Toyota Workers’ Union’s biggest request since 2002, when comparable figures were first kept.

The federation also plans to demand annual bonuses worth more than five months’ salary, it said.

“Our social role to seek a wage hike in order to achieve an exit from deflation and a virtuous cycle of the economy is particularly great in 2015,” the head of the federation, Tatsuya Sasaki, said at a news conference in Gifu Prefecture.

The federation, which covers 331,000 workers at the world’s biggest carmaker and its group firms, is slated to formalize the plan Saturday.

Among the unions under the federation, the Toyota Motor Workers’ Union plans to demand an increase of ¥6,000 in basic monthly pay.¥6000-pay-hike/#.VLrMccbCVco