Social Insurance Agency reprimands collection chief over altered records

The Social Insurance Agency has taken disciplinary action against a Tokyo social insurance office worker for altering records to understate people’s standard monthly earnings, which form the basis for calculating pension insurance premiums.

It is the only case in which the agency has admitted alteration of records by a worker, and the first time for disciplinary action to be taken over record falsification.

When questioned over his actions, the worker, a former collection section head, reportedly said, “I was trying to lower the number of businesses that defaulted on their insurance premiums. Another worker gave people the same treatment.” He added that a business owner had implored him to see if anything could be done about overdue insurance premiums.

In addition to action against the former collection section chief, the agency also handed a severe warning to a former worker in the same section who played a part in altering records under instruction from the collection chief.