RCS ALTs Declared to Management

Today, RCS members of the Tozen ALT Branch historically declared their union membership to RCS management and submitted a list of nine demands along with a call to the company to begin collective bargaining talks with Zenkoku Ippan Tokyo General Union on June 30, 2010 [rescheduled for July 16th, 2010 at company request].

The demands include:

Working Condition Demands 規範的部分 Kihanteki Bubun

1. Company eliminate temporary employment status for all members and recognize open-ended employment with no degradation to working conditions in order to give members job security.

2. Company eliminate piecemeal wages and institute monthly guarantees for all union members with no degradation to working conditions.

3. Company enroll all union members in unemployment insurance on the assumption of continued employment.

4. Company pay the actual transportation costs for the commute to and from work to all union members.

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