Is Sulejman Brkic no longer a member of the ICC Family?

Tozen member Sulejman Brkic was bloody illegally fired.

Fired TeacherICC Language Schools is a language school that has six branches in the Kanto area, with its headquarters in Yokohama. Sulejman Brkic has been teaching English and French courses at this school for twenty years. He has always been very popular among his students, not only because of his superb teaching skills, but also for his charming personality and his wry sense of humor. Sulejman loves his job, and has worked passionately for the past two decades.

One day, he discovered that there were labor laws that gave him the right to paid leave. So for the first time in twenty years, he told his employer he was planning to take one.

The reaction he got from ICC was unbelievable. He was given a document titled “The Last Warning!” despite the fact that he had never received any warnings prior to this.

The school accused him of gravely violating management’s orders, but neglected to state what was the violation. In addition to this, the company told Sulejman, who had been working for them for twenty years, that he was not their employee. They said that since he was a contractor and not a full-time employee, he had no right what so ever to claim benefits such as paid leave, employee’s accident compensation insurance, social insurance, and employment insurance.

koushiboshu02aThis treatment is unjust. At the school’s website, there is a group photo of the teachers captioned “ICC Family,” and you can find Sulejman at the center. For two decades, he has been working hard as a member of this family, and now, he is fighting for the benefits that he is entitled to receive.