90% of foreigners to stay put: poll

More than 90 percent of non-Japanese studying or working in the country are willing to stay despite the risks and damage caused by the March 11 disasters, an online survey indicated.

The International Foreign Students Association conducted the survey from March 22 to 26 and received 392 responses.

A breakdown of the respondents showed that 60 percent were students and 40 percent were graduate. More than 90 percent were from China, Taiwan and South Korea.

Those who said they were willing to stay in Japan explained their responses by saying: “Because I like Japan,” or “At a time like this, I think I want to work together (with Japanese) to help the recovery,” according to the Tokyo-based nonprofit organization.

The survey also showed that 73 percent of the respondents noticed gaps in information provided by Japan and by their home countries on the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear emergency. Some said overseas news on the nuclear crisis was “excessive.”