Worried NOVA students crowd into Osaka hall for meeting

The NOVA Students’ Association held its first meeting here on Friday, with many students appearing worried as they listened to the explanations about the company.

About 1,000 participants poured into a hall in Osaka with a capacity of about 250, prompting the sponsor of the meeting to quickly find another location.

The group was formed earlier this month by about 70 students from areas such as Osaka and Tokyo. On Friday, the group’s representative, Joji Yabuki, explained the negotiating conditions between NOVA’s preservation administrators and Nagoya-based company G.education, which has stepped in to take over NOVA’s business.

Some students who participated in the gathering called for pursuit of former NOVA President Nozomu Sahashi’s responsibility over NOVA’s downfall. Others asked that they be able to continue their lessons at G.education without having to pay any extra.