Woman to sue Casio for wrongful dismissal after claiming harassment by boss

A former temporary employee of Casio Computer Co. is set to file a lawsuit against the company over wrongful termination after she protested a series of harassment incidents by her superior, it has been learned.

The 33-year-old former temporary worker with the Tokyo-based electronic device manufacturer will file a case against the company and its group firm with the Tokyo District Court shortly, seeking the reversal of her dismissal and the payment of some 3.6 million yen in compensation.

The woman, a resident of Saitama Prefecture, was dispatched to Casio’s group company in December 2003, and worked for the firm for about six years until her contract was terminated with one month’s notice in September last year.

According to the woman, her superior questioned her loyalty when she declined his invitation to a music concert in April last year, and started forcing her to perform chores, such as washing his cup and throwing away garbage. After she reported the harassment to her staffing agency, she was fired due to a “reduction in her duties.”

The woman claims that she was not offered a direct contract with the company even after she completed the first three years of work, the maximum contract period for temporary employment stipulated by the Worker Dispatching Law, and says it was unlawful that the company forced her to continue to work as a dispatched worker.

“I worked like a regular employee, but my contract was terminated so easily because I was a temporary worker and was in a disadvantaged position,” she said.