Tozen Union Opposes Police Repression of Kansai Namakon Union

Police from four prefectures are cracking down on unionized drivers of concrete mixer trucks.  

They have arrested 85 members of Kansai Namakon Union, indicting 50 of them. Ten remain in jail, including the executive president and vice president who have been locked up for nearly a year despite not even being present where the alleged crimes took place. 

Shiga, Kyoto, Osaka, and Wakayama police have charged them with obstruction of business using force and attempted extortion. The union was aggressively pursuing union demands. That’s all. 

The government is test-driving its new conspiracy law to crush an activist union.  Tozen Union will never support violence or intimidation of any kind. But we cannot ignore this violation of all our union rights, guaranteed by the Constitution. 

We declare our support for Kansai Namakon Union’s struggle.  We call on the police to free all detainees immediately and to end this vicious, unconstitutional crackdown. 

Tozen Union

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