Teachers protest in Osaka

Instructors from Nova Corp. demonstrated in central Osaka on Friday to protest the firm’s delay in their salary payments.

About 50 foreign teachers, including those who have yet to receive salaries due to them on Sept. 14, began the demonstration from Nanba, in Osaka’s Minami district, holding signs that said, “Nova pay us now,” and “Resign Sahashi.”

“[Nova has] no respect for us,” a 40-year-old Australian instructor said. “We’re the people who make the company what it is, but there’s no honesty, trust or transparency. If I was in Australia [and something like this happened], I’d have already stopped going to work, but it’s hard for people who came from other countries to work for Nova to just give that up.”

Another 33-year-old Australian instructor said he did not go to work on Friday because his salary had not been paid. “I don’t plan to work for free,” he said.

“I’m sorry for the inconveniences caused to the students,” he said. “It’s too bad, because we want to keep the students at Nova. But the stress teachers are under, I think, is affecting the lesson quality.”