Shane and Union busting.

Shane Workers Union (SWU) started in 2012.
SWU is currently negotiating for job security, better pay and health insurance (for those who want it).
In 2014, Shane management unfairly dismissed a member of SWU for leaving the workplace during his break time. In solidarity, the members voted and declared a strike after attempts to resolve the matter in collective bargaining failed. Following the first strike action in autumn 2014, two part time members had their work withdrawn and other members reported harassment by management.

 SWU recognises this as unfair labour practice in an attempt to bust the union. Labour rights are ostensibly protected by Labour Union Law and Japan’s constitution but must be defended. To this end, SWU started proceedings at the Tokyo Metropolitan Labour Commission in 2015 after attempts to rectify matters in collective bargaining failed.
Since then, three more members of the union who took strike action, have been dismissed by Shane management.
Regardless of individuals’ opinions of unions in general, the aims of SWU, the strike and ongoing dispute or the members themselves, Shane Worker
s Union is working hard to defend itself from union busting and protect every workers right to have a unionised workplace and the stake it gives in the company.

If management succeed in breaking the union, then your rights to have a union will have been busted.

For people who take an issue with the union, please try to understand what is really at stake.