Osaka Labor Bureau probes Yamada Denki

The Maebashi-based firm, one of the nation’s largest consumer electronics retailers, is suspected of ordering the salespeople to confirm and promise to follow 35 instructions on a checklist at the Labi 1 Namba outlet in Naniwa Ward, Osaka.

The labor bureau will clarify the circumstances surrounding the dispatched salespeople.

The outlet has not revealed how many salespeople were dispatched by the electronics manufacturers. However, The Yomiuri Shimbun discovered at the end of last year that at least 60 dispatched salespeople were working at the outlet at the time.

According to sources, the outlet gave each of the salespeople a checklist on their first day of work, including instructions concerning dress code and breaks. The salespeople were also required to brush up on other popular home electric appliances manufactured by rival firms.

The dispatched salespeople were asked to confirm each item on the list by checking it off. They then had to sign their names and put their seals on a printed statement agreeing to follow the instructions and work to the best of their ability.

The labor bureau felt the checklist was evidence the outlet supervised salespeople who were not contracted to the firm.