Nonregular workers axed hits 158,000

Nonregular workers who have lost their jobs or will become unemployed during the October-March period number 157,806 throughout the country, more than five times the corresponding figure in late November, a Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry survey showed Friday.

The ministry conducted the survey by collating data on nonregular employees from the ministry’s Hello Work job-placement offices and regional labor bureaus across the country as of Feb. 18.

The latest figure is about 33,000 more than that recorded in a similar survey as of Jan. 26, signifying a surge from the figure of 30,067 as of Nov. 25 in the ministry’s first poll of this kind.

The latest survey results mean the number of nonregular workers who have lost or will lose their jobs has increased fivefold in the past three months.

Nonregular employees who were let go before the expiry of their contracts accounted for 41.4 percent of those surveyed.

The Labor Contract Law bans the dismissal of nonregular workers before the end of their employment contract without good reason.