Labour Relations Board Hearing for dismissed ALTs in Kanagawa

In February of 2006, the Kanagawa Board of Education informed all of its 89 Assistant Language Teachers that their contracts would not be renewed, and that the Board would instead be signing a contract with Interac to fill their jobs. Some teachers were offered the chance to keep their jobs, albeit with a new employer and a 15% cut in wages. Some took it, others decided to fight, and the case is now being heard at the Kanagawa Labour Relations Board.

Outsourcing by Boards of Education is an increasing problem throughout Japan, and is just one of the negative trends in the language industry. The teachers, members of NUGW Kanagawa, ask for your support.

If you are free at 5:30 on Wednesday, August 30th, please attend the meeting of the Labour Relations Board, at the Kanagawa Labor Office. The building is a 10-minute walk from Kannai station, through the Yokohama stadium grounds and past the Board of education building, turn right in front of the main post office and left at the next corner. It’s the second building  on the left, next to an office supplies shop.


The hearing usually lasts about 25  minutes or so. Anyone wishing to attend can contact Bill at: stakeschamp AT yahoo DOT com

For more information, see this website: