Hifumi Okunuki travels to Iceland to show solidarity.

Tozen President, Hifumi Okunuki and Chief Financial Officer, Louis Carlet  travelled to Iceland in March to show solidarity with Efling trade union.


Interviewed by Iceland’s Channel 2 news, the article from Visir, the Icelandic newspaper says –

Hifumi Okunuki, president of the Japanese trade union, Tozen, traveled from Tokyo to show solidarity to those who are on strike in Iceland. She says immigrants in Japan are struggling with similar problems as in Iceland.

“There are an amazing and numerous number of strikes here in Iceland. We felt it was important to witness this, ”said Okunuki, whose words were interpreted from Japanese to English in an interview with Heim Pétursson.

Immigrants in Japan also face difficulties. They think the problems there are similar to those here.

“We flew nine thousand miles to show our strength of solidarity.”