Hello Work violated temp staff law

Sixteen Hello Work job-placement offices under the jurisdiction of the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry’s Osaka Labor Bureau have allowed employees from two organizations to engage in work performed by Hello Work offices, The Yomiuri Shimbun learned Tuesday.

The employees of the Employment and Human Resources Development Organization of Japan (EHDO), an independent administrative institution in Yokohama, and the Association of Employment Development for Senior Citizens (JEED) in Tokyo, reportedly engaged in such duties as reception work and counseling for job-seekers on behalf of the Hello Work employees.

Treating employees from the two organizations as temporary workers for Hello Work without any contracts violates the Temporary Staffing Services Law. However, it has become a common practice…Hiroyuki Ito, of the bureau’s employment security section, said the incident was regrettable because office employees lack awareness of the law, although they work for public offices responsible for labor issues.