Five-Year Rule Seminar


〜5年でGood byeってホント?〜

Five-Year Rule Seminar

Does new Labor Contract Law mean five years and out?  Or five years and in?


日 時:2013年7月7日(日)Sunday, July 7, 2013 2pm to 5pm


    ☆参加無料! No entrance fee!

講  師:Instructors: Attn. Shoichi Ibuski (Akatsuki Law Firm)

           指宿 昭一弁護士(暁法律事務所)

                          Hifumi Okunuki (Executive President of Zenkoku Ippan Tokyo General Union/

           Teaches at Sagami Women’s University)

           奥貫 妃文(全国一般東京ゼネラルユニオン執行委員長、相模女子大学専任講師)


       This year Labor Contract Law added three new rules for fixed-term employment.



               Fixed-term contracts switch to permanent employment after 5 years


             The law codifies rules for refusal to renew fixed-term contracts


               The law prohibits illegitimate discrimination against fixed-term employees


     What impact will this have on those currently working fixed-term contracts?  Particularly teachers at universities are worried they might be non-renewed before reaching the five-year mark.  Some universities are already putting out want-ads announcing the post is only for three years and will not be renewed.


      Anxiety alone will solve nothing.  First let’s find out precisely what the new law says, how we can pursue the right to job security and specifically how to fight.  This seminar will provide a chance to put our heads together and prepare.  Please bring your friends, acquaintances and anyone else who works on fixed-term contracts to this seminar.


       We will focus in particular on university part-time teachers, who will be particularly impacted by this change, but of course the problem is shared by all workers on such contracts and all are very welcome.

◆ プログラム   Program

  1 有期雇用労働者と労働法〜これまでの法制度と今回の改正について(指宿昭一弁護士)

        Fixed-term employees and labor law.  The law ’till now and the new amendment.  (Attn. Shoichi Ibuski)

  2 質疑応答 Q&A

  3 大学の非常勤講師をめぐるこれまでの労働判決と最近の動向(奥貫妃文)

        Case law and recent trends for part-time instructors at universities. (Tozen President Hifumi Okunuki)

  4 質疑応答 Q&A

                            〜10分休憩〜   10-minute break

   5 会場の実態報告&ディベート 〜今後、法改正に対してどう対処すべきか〜

        Workplace reports from the floor and debate.   What is to be done?

  6 「有期労働契約実態調査」記入のお願い

        Please answer our questionnaire on your fixed-term employment

◆ 場 所 Venue :  Osaka Keizai Hohka Daigaku Tokyo Azabudai Seminar House

                     〒106-0041 Tokyo, Minato-ku, Azabudai 1-11-5, Tokyo Azabudai Seminar House

                               * Take Hibiya Line to Kamiyacho Station, Exit 1.  Then a five-minute walk.