Coalition team recommends tighter controls on temp staff industry

A ruling coalition project team Tuesday compiled a package of recommendations to tighten restrictions on the temp staff industry, including a ban on dispatches of low-skilled day laborers.

The team of the Liberal Democratic Party and New Komeito submitted the package to Yoichi Masuzoe, the minister of health, labor and welfare, urging him to revise the worker dispatch law during the extraordinary Diet session this fall.

“I expect nonpartisan support for this,” Masuzoe said.

The team said there are various problems in the temp staff system “from the standpoint of protecting workers.”

After the Tokyo Summary Court fined Goodwill and its officials for the double dispatch, Goodwill’s parent company decided to liquidate the subsidiary as early as this month.

The project team also recommended holding companies that accept dispatch workers legally responsible for their safety at work.

In addition, the team suggested regulating dispatches of workers only to companies within the same business group and requiring temp staff agencies to clearly explain the percentage of workers’ wages deducted as a commission.