Cindy Sunday Success

8月14日に開催された東ゼン主催の「Cindy Sunday」は、大成功のうちに幕を閉じました。
Tozen’s Cindy Sunday on August 14 proved an unqualified success.

Cindy Sheehanさんは、ヒロシマ、ナガサキ、オキナワ、と日本のかつての戦場を回って、各地で忙しく活動をされていました。
Cindy Sheehan had toured and spoke at WWII sites around Japan the previous week, including Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Okinawa.

Although she fell ill, perhaps due the stress of coming to Japan for the first time, on the 14th she was smiling and relaxed.

また彼女は、「Cindy Sunday」というイベントの名前をとても気に入ってくれたようです。
She was also quite pleased with the name of the event: Cindy Sunday.

The venue at Okubo Chiiki Center filled to capacity, and we further had to bring in extra chairs.

Questions flooded in from the floor, forcing us to go 30 minutes overtime. It was clear that panelists and participants alike had a great time.

After the event, Cindy came back to the Tozen office for a mixer.