Tozen Union wins victory over JCFL

The Tokyo Labor Commission ruled Monday morning that Japan College of Foreign Languages (JCFL, a division of Bunsai Gakuen) had illegally interfered with Tozen Union’s leafleting actions in front of the school.     Tozen Union and its JCFL Local claimed that management sent employees out to block the union from passing out leaflets and made the union look bad.

The commission ruled in favor of the union, ordering management to cease all such interference and to post a large sign apologizing to the union at the workplace for ten days.

The victory was thanks to the relentless struggle of the local.

Case officer Gerome Rothman in particular kept his focus on scoring this victory overcoming formidable obstacles, including drafting legal documents in Japanese. He demonstrated superhuman shitsukosa (relentlessness).

Rohyo’s Yoshitaka Nakazato came to every action in front of school to support our Tozen members.

The union had also claimed a member who taught Russian and English was fired due to union membership. The commission ruled that it was unable to determine that the cause of the firing was union membership, particularly since he did not testify on his own behalf.

Tozen Union on Sunday had grown to 210 members in 20 locals.