Little Garden Smashes Shamelessness Record for Union Discrimination

NUGW Tokyo Nambu on May 15 filed a petition against preschool Little Garden for redress from unfair labor practices — sued the firm for union busting — at the Tokyo Labor Commission.

Last summer, teachers and admin staff tried to build a union but management came down hard, making clear that anyone who joined would not last long. Most backed down, but one courageous teacher named Joyce continued the fight. Nambu waited to declare her membership until after her employment contract was renewed in April. Little Garden gave her a raise along with the renewal.

Two weeks after declaration, Little Garden gave our Joyce a dismissal notice. During collective bargaining, management claimed that although during her first year of employment she had a sterling record, in the fortnight between declaration and dismissal, the company received a record number of complaints from parents of the preschoolers. The union believes the real record is rather for “shamelessness of union discrimination.”

Nambu doesn’t brook union-busting. We have begun strikes, leaflets and will pursue the employees’ right to unionize by all legal means necessary.