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Job Title: Union Org (Organizer) Apprentice (full-time, 40 hrs/week)
職種名: 労働組合専従職員の補助業務 (フルタイム、週40時間)

May 20, 2024

Job Summary:
As a union organizer, you will play a pivotal role in advocating for members’ rights and working conditions, organizing collective bargaining and labor disputes, and fostering solidarity among workers of various industries. Your primary responsibility will be to engage with members, build relationships, and organize campaigns aimed at forming or strengthening Tozen and Tozen locals. You will work closely with union leadership, allied organizations, and members to address workplace issues, negotiate contracts, and promote fair labor practices. This position requires strong communication, leadership, and administrative skills, as well as a commitment to social justice and worker empowerment. 


This position is for a one year contract as an apprentice, with the possibility to become a regular worker after one year. In the first year, you will train with experienced organizers. After one year, if all parties agree, muki-koyo is possible but not guaranteed.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Build relationships with workers, gaining their trust and support for unionization efforts.労働者との関係を築き、団結への取り組みに対する彼らの信頼と支持を得る。
  2. Organize meetings, workshops, and events to educate workers about their rights, the benefits of unionization, and the collective bargaining process. 労働者への会合・訓練・行事を企画し、労働者の権利、組合組織化の利点、団体交渉の在り方を教育する。
  3. Collaborate with other Tozen orgs to support ongoing campaigns and initiatives. 他の東ゼン労組の専従協力して、進行中の活動や取り組みを支援する。
  4. Build new, strong locals. 力のある支部を新たに作る。
  5. Represent the union in negotiations with employers, fighting to win members’ demands. 組合の担当として使用者と交渉を行い、組合員の要求を実現するために尽力する。
  6. Provide training and support to worker leaders and activists to strengthen their organizing skills and capacity. 組織化の為の技能と能力を強化するために、労働者のリーダーや活動家に訓練と支援を行う。
  7. Consult with lawyers, sharoshi, zeirishi, and other experts to navigate legal requirements and challenges related to union organizing. 弁護士、社労士、税理士、またその他の専門家に相談して、労働組合の組織化に関連する法的要件や課題に対処する。
  8. Mobilize community support for workers’ rights and labor campaigns through coalition-building and grassroots organizing.  労働者の権利と労働運動のために、連合の構築と草の根の組織化を通じて得た地域社会からの支援を活用する。
  9. Provide labor consultations for members and non-members. 労働に関する相談を組合員、又は非組合員へ行う。
  10. Maintain accurate records of organizing activities, membership data, and campaign progress. 組織活動、組合員情報、活動の進行状況の正確な記録を行う。
  11. Recruit workers in targeted industries or workplaces. 対象となる職種や職場において組合への組織化を行う。


  1. Native-like Japanese fluency ネイティブのような流暢な日本語能力。
  2. English ability (preferred, but must be willing to learn on the job) 英語力(望ましいが、又は仕事上で学習する意欲が必要)
  3. Demonstrated commitment to social justice, worker empowerment, and labor rights 社会での公平意識、労働者の援助、労働者の権利のために活動する意思がある。
  4. Previous experience in labor organizing, community organizing, or related fields 労働、地域、または関連分野で組織化に携わった経験。
  5. Strong interpersonal and communication skills, with the ability to connect with diverse groups of people 優れた対人技能と対話術、また多様な人々と接することができる能力。
  6. Excellent organizational and time-management skills, with the ability to manage multiple priorities 優れた組織力および時間管理能力、且つ複数の優先事項を管理できる能力。
  7. Knowledge of or interest in learning labour laws and regulations, collective bargaining processes, and union organizing tactics 労働法規、団体交渉の手順、労働組合組織戦術に関する知識または学習への関心。
  8. Ability to work independently as well as collaboratively in a team setting.  独立して働くだけでなく、チームとして働くことができる能力。
  9. Willingness to work irregular hours and travel as needed. 不規則な時間で働き、必要に応じて出張する意欲がある。
  10. Willing to learn necessary skills, such as language, chairing, etc, with guidance from other organizers. 他のorgの指導を受けながら、言語や司会など必要なスキルを学ぶ意欲がある。
  11. Must be a Tozen Union member, or willing to join Tozen Union, and pay dues 東ゼン組合の会員であるか、同組合に加入する意志があり、会費を支払っていること。
  12. Bachelor’s degree (preferred)  学士号を所有している(望ましい)。

Salary and Benefits:
180,000yen/mo salary + bonuses. Includes Shakai Hoken, flexible working hours, and paid time off. 


Application Process:
Submit  the following to, with “Union Organizer Application” in the subject line:

  1. Resume (English or Japanese)
  2. cover letter (English or Japanese)
  3. Two reference letters, including contact info (English or Japanese)
  4. A short essay answering these three questions. Please answer questions 1 and 2 in Japanese, 200-400 characters for each. Please answer question 3 in English, about 150-200 words:
    1. Why are you interested in becoming a labor org?
    2. Describe a time you had conflict with a coworker and how you resolved it.
    3. Self-introduction in English

件名を「Union Organizer Application」とし、以下を まで提出してください:

  1. レジュメ(英語または日本語)
  2. カバーレター(英語または日本語)
  3. レファレンス・レター2通(連絡先を含む)(英語または日本語)
  4. 以下の3つの質問に答える作文。質問1と2は日本語で、それぞれ200~400字程度で回答   してください。質問3は英語で150~200字程度で回答してください。
    1. なぜ労働組合オルグに興味を持ったのですか?
    2. 同僚と対立した時にそれをどのように解決したかについて述べてください。
    3. 英語による自己紹介

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until the position is filled.

Equal Opportunity Employer:
Tozen Union is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to building a diverse and inclusive workplace. We strongly encourage applications from candidates of all backgrounds, including those historically underrepresented in the labor movement.