*About This Site

This site is set up to help us provide our members and non-members with as much information as possible about things that should be important to those working for Interac/Maxceed.

A few features to note:

RSS Feed:
If you aren’t familiar with the term RSS feed, you can get information from Wikipedia here.
Many web browsers can be configured to bookmark these feeds, so you can be alerted as soon as a new post is published.

Nearly all Mac OS X browsers have this feature, but if you are using Mac OS 9.2.2 (or *gasp* earlier), you may not be able to bookmark them.

Windows users using IE7, or Mozilla(Firefox) also have this feature. If you are still using IE6, please stop what you are doing and upgrade that outdated browser right now (you are holding the entire world of web development back in Web 1.0!!!)!!!!!!!!!
(Japanese version here – 日本語版はここやで)

Many people use RSS feed aggregators outside of browsers to check their feeds.
However you choose to check RSS feeds, make sure to bookmark this site to stay current.

Anyone can leave comments, but in order to cut down on spam from the spambots, you must register with an email address. We know it is kind of a hassle, please forgive us and particpate. We will not put you on a mailing list without your permission and you will NEVER receive spam from us. We may be able to provide better anti-spam protection in the future, but until then please register. You do NOT need to give us your real name (in fact it may be a good idea not to, especially if you are an undeclared union member or thinking of joining) but we will need an email address for WordPress to send your password.

Anyone can submit lesson plans, and anyone can use the ideas found within. This is a community that reaches out for the better, to improve working conditions and, by extention, English edutainment (let’s be honest) in Japan. If you want to look for a lesson idea for the Year 1 Lesson 1 plan, look on the right side of the page in the “Tags” section for Lesson 1-1.
To submit a lesson plan simply email:
interacunion at gmail dot com

Yes, this is another site run by the almighty WordPress.